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The exchange uses decentralized wallets and an AI-driven trade engine, to give users maximum security and efficiency. The exchange will be able to handle both simple and exotic order types, and will come with integrated KYC and AML components that satisfy international standards.


SociumTrade, is a comprehensive social trading and investment platform that harnesses the power of blockchain to match traders and investors securely without intermediaries. It’s based on the premise that people should be able to make informed decisions and have full control over who handles their money and how. The platform uses distributed ledger technology to guarantee the transparency of operations, and smart contracts to track and enforce agreements enabling direct P2P relationships.


The SociumLend instrument acts as an online p2p pawnshop. Users on the platform can get loans (in fiat currency) using crypto-assets as collateral. The terms of the user-defined agreements are governed by smart contracts, which guarantee and enforce their execution.


Brokergram has been specifically designed for convenient and efficient interactions between participants of the trading process. In addition to the usual chat functions, Brokergram will enable users to: set and automate trades, use a built-in translator, carry out user voting, and more.


SociumGift will be invaluable for those who like to give and receive useful presents. This instrument will also suit companies that want to spread tokens quickly, improve brand-awareness, and boost clients’ loyalty. The tool will be compatible with all of the major crypto-assets.

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We see a future in which financial markets are made up of individuals engaged in free trade; a future, in which big institutions are no longer the gatekeepers and everyone can interact directly with one another.

We see security and transparency becoming the cornerstones of every transaction, and individuals taking control of their financial futures.

Let’s build the next big thing together. Join us!

We are looking for motivated people who strive to make an impact in the financial industry.

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Our goal is to increase ecosystem robustness by consistently incorporating technological innovations.

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